Join us for our annual Christmas Extravaganza. We will have live karaoke, Christmas treats and a cash bar, dancing, and a raffle for a mega-sweet prize. Doors open at 8, and we will go until 11:00. It's $10/person. You can pre-pay using Push Pay(instructions below) or at the door(cash only). 


Push Pay Instructions

*If you already use Push Pay for your regular tithes and offerings, then you can skip Step 1. 

Step 1:

Click here to go to Push Pay.

Step 2:

Click "Giving Type" and select the "PS Christmas Party"

Step 3:

Pay $10 per person coming with you. If it's just you, then just put $10 in the "Amount" section. If it's you are signing up for multiple people to come with you just multiply the price by the number of people coming under your name ie. I would be signing up for Isabel and myself, so I would pay $20.

Step 4:

THAT'S IT!!                                       

Final Instructions

Find some comfy shoes for dancing

Come ready to have a good time

And for the elect that have been graced with the ability to bake, then put that spiritual gift to use and bring a Christmas treat to share