Current Openings

We have some employment opportunities on the staff that serves our church family. 

WORSHIP director  


The worship director at Trinity Grace Park Slope works in partnership with the rest of the staff team and church family to support and foster a culture of worship that is both passionate and genuine. The worship director serves as a kind of translator helping to offer words for people to use in giving expression to a rich and full life with God. The worship director is vital in curating the environment of our church’s gatherings in order to help people commune with God and one another in a meaningful way.

This position requires someone that loves to worship God personally as well as in community. This person will need to be highly creative and skilled as a musician and storyteller as well as committed to keeping their heart fully alive in an ongoing abiding relationship with Christ. They will also need to be adept at building teams both in identifying qualified new participants in our musical worship as well as continuing to empower and encourage them.

The worship director coordinates with the lead pastor and other staff to craft the liturgy and song selection for all of the church’s regularly scheduled worship gatherings as well as special worship events. He/she also supervise and help direct all aspects of production for these gatherings and events.


Direct and Lead Music and Liturgy for Weekend Worship Gatherings

  • Take the lead with pastoral staff in planning the worship services for the church
  • Craft the liturgical elements of the service including but not limited to prayers, confessions, readings, and songs 
  • Take primary ownership for the execution of those plans
  • Build, lead, and sustain a team of worshippers and a culture of worship
  • Oversee all musical, operational, and technical aspects of weekend gatherings including sound, set up, tear down, media, band, charts

Artistic Expression/Creation

  • Write original worship songs and re-arrange old songs
  • Contribute as need to recording projects
  • Help develop liturgies
  • Help to craft service plans, assemble musicians, and creatively lead in special worship gatherings as needed (e.g. Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Brooklyn Worship Nights)
  • Lead worship on retreats and for other church-wide events

Direct Administration of the Worship Ministry

  • Recruit and sustain volunteers for key positions on weekend gathering teams
  • Oversee weekly scheduling of those volunteers
  • Various administrative duties involved with the fulfilling of worship gathering, printing materials for Sunday, compliance with copyright laws, etc. 
  • Edit and post sermon podcast and Brooklyn Interview Series each week or as needed to TGC dropbox
  • Provide other support to the pastoral team as needed
  • Upkeep/repairs on all things sound/ops


  • Our hope and prayer for our church is to be a people that love and enjoy the presence of God. We seek to be those who lift up praise, worship, adoration, and joy along with lament, confession, and the requests of our hearts.
  • We hope to to be a people that commune with God regularly whenever we are gathered and to be growing in responsiveness to the Holy Spirit.
  • We have been and long to continue on as a church that contributes language, music, and songs for the wider church to have as a resource in communing with God.
  • We desire to be a church that functions with healthy teams where the gifts of our church family are identified, empowered, and released.

How to Apply

If interested, please send resume to 

Trinity Grace Church is committed to providing equal opportunity in all phases of employment and employment-related activities. Equal employment opportunities will be provided to all individuals based on related qualifications and ability to perform the job, without regard to age, gender, race, color, national origin, political affiliation, disability or veteran status. This policy applies to all personnel actions relating to employment, including retirement, hiring, placement, training, promotion, compensation, benefits, transfers, layoffs and terminations.

Trinity Grace Church relies on the accuracy of information contained in the employment application, as well as the accuracy of other data presented throughout the hiring and employment process. Any misrepresentations, falsifications or material omissions in any of this information or data may result in Trinity Grace Church’s exclusion of the individual from further consideration for employment or, if the person has been hired, termination of employment.